September 3rd 2021

We are excited to be updating our menu.  We’ve got breakfast covered with our Eggs Benedict, Avocado Toast and Pancakes and are looking to add some new flavours.  Let’s add some FISH, CHICKEN & BEEF.


East Village Smokies : A mix of pan seared haddock and smoked coley, tossed in creme fraiche with cherry tomato and spring onion.  Topped with freshly grated cheddar and broiled.  Served with some fresh bread for dipping and a garnish salad.


Katsu Curry Chicken Sandwich: You can get a chicken fillet anywhere but you can only get the Katsu Curry Chicken Sandwich here at East Village! We drop our chicken breast into a mix of spices and batter for a crispy outside and a juicy tender inside.  Our secret curry sauce is then drizzled over the top and some thiny sliced red onion adds a light sharpness.  Served with chips or salad.


Open Roast Beef Sandwich: Slow roasted beef joint thiny sliced and piled high on a slice of toasted Tim’s Bakery Sourdough with melted cheese.  Topped with sautéed onions and red wine jús.  Served with chips or salad.



Parmesan Truffle Chips





There will be more coming soon!

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